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Another day in Brexistan

The scenes outside Parliament continue to fascinate me, and on a nice day it’s tempting to continue my daily walk round Dulwich and carry on another 4-5km into central London, or I’ll just catch the bus up to Westminster and spend an hour or two there. This was a Wednesday, usually more busy thanks to […]


The People’s March On Oct 20, 2018 approximately 700,000 people from all over Britain marched through central London demanding a second referendum on the final Brexit deal. Beginning in Hyde Park, the march concluded with a rally in Parliament Square. No Confidence vote On Dec 12, 2018 Theresa May faced a No Confidence vote called […]


The video does have a few rough edges, but I hope it gives a good impression of the scenes outside Parliament every day. It’s a combination of stills taken on my Fuji X-T2 and video from my iPhone.

Brockwell Park Brockwell Park

Ploughing on….

One morning last week I got home from a brisk walk around Dulwich, pleased to have done my daily exercise and ready to spend the rest of the day working. But I was straight back out of the door soon after turning on the computer and seeing that a local pub had tweeted a video […]

Trafalgar Square Street

I have always admired “street photography” and some of my earliest serious photographs, like the couple in Trafalgar Square, were observational, “street” or candid public photography. It’s a challenge to make pictures when people see you there, or to capture the funny side of something everybody can see.

Claydon Test

Sunday Monday


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For a few months I have been posting new pictures to Instagram. Maybe I am a bit late to the party and I am not sure what is going on, what I have to say, or whether anyone would be listening! But I am still alive, if anyone is wondering.


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Bolton School

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Hall Place The public

Living History displays

Coleford Commemoration

SS Great Britain

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2017 has been and gone

I knew I was struggling to keep the blog going, but I just realized that I hadn’t made a single “real” post in the whole of 2017! I am still alive, I do tweet, quite often, I still help people in forums, occasionally exchange harsh words too, and Facebook a little too, which I am […]

New Lightroom plugin – X-LR

X-LR is released


I’ve written about 10 books on digital photography, the latest two published in 2014, but I didn’t begin as a photographer or even as a graphic artist. I had been a “spreadsheet warrior” and photography was just a hobby, but working for Heidelberg in the graphics industry I been familiar with Photoshop from about 1990. […]


I have moved all my newer Lightroom content over to my other web site, Lightroom Solutions. My knowledge of Lightroom has origins in my murky past – as a spreadsheet warrior. Qualifying as a chartered accountant, I worked in finance for two decades before finding how I could program Excel and databases. Then in financial […]