Syncomatic (available here) is a Lightroom 3/4/5/6 plug-in that synchronises Library and Develop settings between groups of files:

  • whose names are identical or differ only by a suffix like “-edit”
  • whose capture times are identical – new in Syncomatic 2.0
  • from the top item of a stack to the other stacked items

Here are some examples of how it’s being used:

  • One photographer sends JPEGs to clients who add ratings and captions in Bridge and then send the files back to her. She imports the JPEGs into LR, and then uses Syncomatic to copy the client’s ratings from the JPEGs to the raw files.
  • Another photographer outsources her raw processing but continues to keyword and add other metadata to raw files in her catalogue. When the TIF/PSD files are returned, she updates their metadata with Syncomatic.
  • Files hidden inside stacks, or virtual copies, aren’t normally updated when you change the master file’s copyright, keywords etc. Syncomatic corrects this.

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