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Advanced Digital Black and White Photography II
101 top tips B&W
Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook
Step by Step Digital Black and White
Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook
Lightroom Essentials
Advanced Digital Black and White Photography
Advanced Digital Black and White Photography
Digital Photo Workflow
Art of Printing
I’m a writer who can take good pictures and a photographer who can use words effectively – a combination that doesn’t always go together – and hope that my publishers don’t waste time or money correcting grammar or spelling or sourcing images to help make the book jump off the shelves. I also tech-edited Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book (second edition) and am available for similar projects.


If you’re a publisher checking me out for a book project, I can take on anything involving these programs which I use daily:

  • Image editing – Photoshop – Lightroom – Aperture – Nikon Capture – Capture One
  • DAM – iView / Expression Media / MediaPro – Extensis Portfolio – Bridge
  • Web design – Dreamweaver – Fireworks
  • Mobile – Adobe DPS

While I list programs where I’ve plenty of experience, contact me about any projects. In one case (I won’t say which) I actually got a commission to write a book without ever having touch the program I was trying to explain – and began writing it too.