I’m a writer who can take good pictures and a photographer who can use words effectively – a combination that doesn’t always go together – and so I hope that my publishers don’t waste time or money correcting grammar or spelling, or sourcing the images that help make the book jump off the shelves.

On the right you can see the books I’ve published, and I’ve also tech-edited a number of books including Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book.


If you’re a publisher checking me out for a writing project, I can take on anything involving these programs which I use daily:

  • Image editing – Photoshop – Lightroom – Aperture – Capture One
  • DAM – iView / Expression Media / MediaPro – Extensis Portfolio – Bridge
  • Web design – Dreamweaver – WordPress
  • Mobile – Adobe DPS

While I list programs where I’ve plenty of experience, that’s not always necessary. It is just as important to understand what the typical reader would seek to accomplish. In fact, in one case I received a commission to write a book without ever having seen the program which was its subject – and began writing the book too. My wider experience allowed me to discover, and convey, what the reader would need to learn to use it effectively.