I’m not sure one should ever explain one’s photography, and categorising it here into projects, landscape and historical re-enactment is obviously crude.

My liking for long term projects like Speakers Corner or events like the death of the Queen may have developed from admiring the work of photojournalists like Don McCullin, Brian Harris in the early Independent newspaper, and documentary photographers like Chris Killip or Sebastaio Salgado whose exhibitions I’d seen in the 1980s before I owned a camera.

My historical re-enactment work is more recent but with similar roots in the newspapers I read as a teenager – McCullin again, Biafra, N Ireland, Vietnam. But it’s more directly related to studying history at Cambridge, specialising in the English Civil War, and the illustrations in text books and other reading material. So I enjoy responding to a fast-changing scene and political events like Brexit, Covid-19, or now the Ukraine war, improvising and extracting rather than constructing images in a studio.

Landscape might be a mix of those two approaches and I’ll happily spend hours contemplating a view and resolving minor details before responding to a sudden change of light. But why rationalise or overthink how or why one is drawn to natural beauty? I just hope you enjoy the pictures.

Also see my Instagram where I post brand new pictures.