Brexit quickly made Britain an international laughing stock. With no consensus what the country had voted for, the hapless Prime Minister Theresa May lacked the votes in Parliament to push through her vacuous “Brexit means Brexit”. Eventually Remainers regrouped, and in late 2018 I went on the “People’s March” to overturn the referendum. That day’s pictures led to this project on the daily demonstrations outside Parliament.

While I sought to depict both sides, the pro-EU Remainers were simply more imaginative, energetically-led by Stop Brexit Steve whose charm and sheer persistence made him so effective and internationally-known. The Pro-Brexit counterparts were more conservative and less entertaining, their posters mostly expressing anger and frustration. As well as these two peaceful groups, occasionally a few Far Right thugs appeared and tried to intimidate the Remainers.

This is a selection of my favourite pictures from a fascinating year. Also see my blog posts on Brexit which are mainly links to short YouTube videos of the more eventful days and curious moments.

Stop Brexit Steve

The March to Leave

A Dog’s Brexit


Written on the side of a bus

Brexit Done