I’ve just added a couple of new collections of pictures to the site – one on the Brexit protests and another on Extinction Rebellion.

A year ago I remember telling a German friend how I have never really felt at home in London, even after 30+ years and how I’ve always thought that in 5 years’ time I would be elsewhere. I’m a European first, from Northern England, and always wince if anyone refers to me as a Londoner. My friend loves her adopted city in the Rhineland and she was surprised and saddened by my comment, as was I, and it was one of those conversations that has just stuck in my mind. Surely I should find something to like?

Unconnected to that conversation, shortly afterwards I began taking long daily walks, not missing a single day for over a year, and it was such a surprise to find how much I have enjoyed rediscovering the city. Some days I stay close to home in Dulwich and have learnt to appreciate nearby Brockwell Park, or I’ll go explore elsewhere in London such as the paths along the river towards the Isle of Dogs or Greenwich, places I used to visit when I first started taking pictures. Another aspect of this re-acquaintance with London is the odd stuff that goes on in this huge and varied city. I feel that’s why I am doing more “street” photography, and it also explains my project on the Brexit protests.

So photographing April’s 10-day-long Extinction Rebellion protests wasn’t just interesting but provided the exercise that I really need. They blocked roads and bridges, preventing buses from south London reaching the centre, so they certainly stretched my daily walking routine. 16 km on a single day was an exception though – it’s really not the kind of thing “Londoners” do.