My photography is varied and ranges from documentary to landscape.

The work of photojournalists like Don McCullin and Brian Harris (in the early Independent newspaper) was what first made me want a camera in my late 20s, and I also remember being impressed by London shows by Chris Killip and Sebastaio Salgado. I like long term projects, one early one being on Speakers Corner, and in the last 15 years I’ve photographed a wide variety of historical re-enactment – my Cambridge history degree meeting my inner McCullin! In 2018-19 I started a similar project on Brexit.

Landscape has always been my other love. Maybe surprisingly, McCullin was an early favourite as I had seen his harsh black and white Somerset landscapes. Others would be Fay Godwin and William Neill, while more recently some of David Ward‘s ideas have been thought-provoking. Yet just as much inspiration comes from my interest in art history, and just being there.