20th Century

The 20th century re-enactment scene appears to be as much about collecting original uniform and equipment. Sometimes one gets hints of contemporary politics and taste, often quite innocently. So two Italophiles bake pizza and ciabatta with their Italian army mobile kitchens, while a liking for rock n roll, 50s cars, Mash and Americana in general seemed to be shared by those portraying US paratroopers, and a more left-leaning personality seemed drawn to the Red Army – though one attraction was the ready availability of original Soviet gear. Modern sensibilities have most impact on those depicting Fascists, so I’ve never seen anyone pretending to be on Franco’s side in the Spanish Civil War, and WW2 Germans tend to stress they are in Wehrmacht uniform. People are wary of the groups that do depict the Waffen SS – not least because they also own a tank.