Historical re-enactment

Photographing historical re-enactment began in a small way one weekend when I had nothing to do and somehow I heard of a large multi-period re-enactment event nearby. Earlier that year I had been wondering about history-related photographic projects as I’d studied it at university and still love academic literature on the English Civil War and other periods. I immediately realised I had found a new subject for photography. Apart from appreciating some of the historical details, I also found it brought together other influences. One is that I used to be a big newspaper reader and had always admired war reportage – above all, Don McCullin’s work in Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and Lebanon. Another is my knowledge of art history, so sometimes I’m photographing a scene that reminds me of Uccello or Breughel, for instance, or even Grant Wood on one occasion. It began in a small way, but in hindsight it seems obvious that a weekend would turn into a 10 year project.