Taking war photography back to the 1640s?

Back in the 1980s seeing the work of Don McCullin, Brian Harris in the early Independent, Chris Killip or Sebastaio Salgado was what made me want a camera. You might see this reflected in my pursuit of long term documentary projects like Speakers Corner, but it’s never so simple, is it? After all, I was also a fan of Robert Mapplethorpe and yet I never enjoyed studio photography, while my big documentary interest, historical re-enactment, had its roots in studying history at Cambridge and a lifelong passion for the subject.

My other photographic love has always been landscape. I distinctly remember noticing McCullin’s wonderful book of black and white Somerset landscape for their expressionist mood. Other favourites would be Fay Godwin and William Neill, while some of David Ward‘s ideas have been thought-provoking. Maybe these, and others, are influences, but just as much comes from my interest in art history, and I really don’t believe in explaining or rationalising too much. It’s not a good idea.