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New book – Digital Photo Workflow

My latest book is published today, October 7 – just in time for Christmas (!). Digital Photo Workflow (Made Easy) is a short book that tries to cover everything and to make it look easy – or at least make it the obvious way to work. That’s quite an ambitious scope and one that may …read more

Focus on Imaging 2012

A little late this year but finally my plans for Focus on Imaging 2012 are falling into place. I’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday showing Lightroom for Adobe. Come along and say hello. For me the oddest thing will be Monday – I’ll actually get to see the show. If you attend Focus as …read more

The new Lightroom site

Tomorrow is generally regarded as Lightroom’s 6th birthday – the anniversary of when the 1.0 beta for Mac was released. So I had been planning to announce Lightroom Solutions, but somehow it sneaked out early…. I’ve always preferred to have a single site, as there’s only one of me, but for a year or two …read more

Avoiding Lightroom’s backup?

I was asked “Can I avoid using Lightroom’s backup routine and have my backup software do it”? The answer is yes, you can, but…. If you rely on backup software and target your actual Lightroom catalogue you are taking some risk that the catalogue may be open when the scheduled backup kicks in. There’s a …read more

Limited locations for import, export, backup

There’s a funny bug in Lightroom on Windows when you try and select a folder or drive: When I try to export a selection of images from LR using Specific Folder (or choose folder later) the only available location that shows up in the hierarchy is my Desktop. No other folders/drives are visible. I had …read more

LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in

LR-iTunes is a simple plug-in I wrote (hacked) to help synchronize pictures from Lightroom via iTunes to my iPad. Basically it is a dumbed down version of the Hard Drive Publishing Service and is more suited for the requirements of iTunes. So I tried to make it look the part which is no big deal, …read more

1030 by 752

I just came across this Russell Brown video Exporting Adobe Lightroom 3 PDF Portfolios to an Apple iPad. No doubt I wasn’t too interested when it first came out, and I’ve already exported PDF slideshows to the iPad enough times not to find it very interesting this time around – other than 1030 by 752 …read more

Typing in hierarchical keywords

I still don’t use hierarchical keywords in Lightroom (why not – read my rant) but if I did ever change my mind I’d often want to type them into the Keywording panel, or occasionally into the Import dialog (why occasionally – see end of post). So how do you manually type in multiple keywords so they …read more

Search Replace Transfer 1.33 release candidate

I was just going to release an update to my Search Replace Transfer plug-in when it was ready, but another query about its use as a workaround for complex file renaming has prompted me to put out a “release candidate”. There are a few internal bug fixes and a few tweaks which mainly reflect my …read more

jb Keyword Tools – test version

Fancy trying it? OK, here’s the plug-in (limited to 10 items) and various example vocabulary files. See the previous post for the thinking behind the plug-in but these bits are new: Hierarchical keywords are supported with hierarchies created using the pipe “|” and multiple keywords being separated by tabs – see example files Up to …read more

jb Keyword Tools

A new plug-in is bubbling – jb Keyword Tools. It’s aimed at those who use controlled vocabularies of keywords, and also at event shooters who use keywords to organise their workflows. It’s a bit like a bigger version of Lightroom’s Keywording panel, but with the access to external files that makes PhotoMechanic’s “Code Replacement” or …read more

Free stuff from George Jardine

George Jardine has assembled all his free tutorial videos onto one page, which you can find here. I particularly recommend the one on black and white.

Photo Professional

August’s Photo Professional carries the third of my four-part series on aspects of workflow. This time I’m looking at raw processing but not from the usual angle of how to squeeze out the best image quality. Instead I discuss how to respond to the problems caused by having large numbers of raw files to process. …read more

List View – Lightroom plug-in released today

ListView is a plug-in for Lightroom 3 that displays images in a list style just like in most other DAM (digital asset management) programs. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to review your metadata entry in a list than by scanning through a grid of thumbnails. Other things you can do with List View: Change the …read more

Perforation preset

I don’t often bother mentioning Lightroom presets because I rarely see any that impress me – in fact, I’m more shocked that people have the nerve to ask money for them. But I just noticed this film perforation preset which uses the local adjustment brush to mimic the sprocket holes. It may only work on …read more

The hard or the easy way to go back from DNG to Raw?

There’s a lengthy thread over at Adobe’s Lightroom feature request and bugs forum Is there a way to re-associate converted DNG files with the original RAW files? The user had converted files to DNG, but then decided he wanted to switch back to proprietary raw files (he’d got them all in his backup) and didn’t …read more

Adobe on computer specs for Lightroom

Adobe have released a lengthy document on optimising system performance for Lightroom. For best results, take a holistic approach. Read all of the suggestions here. Consider which ones to implement within the context of your computer setup, the types of files you use, and your particular workflow. Each circumstance is unique and requires a different …read more

The blog’s left column: feed from Adobe

In this page’s left column, I’ve added a feed from Adobe’s new Lightroom feedback site which replaces the bug report and feature requests forums. Some of the ideas there are plain wacky, with about as much chance of being implemented as a snowflake’s chance in hell, and most of those are the outpourings of one …read more

Anyone using speech recognition with Lightroom?

Speech recognition seems to have been the coming technology since I don’t know when  – I seem to recall seeing DragonDictate in the late 90s – but it is one of those technologies that never seems to have arrived as a first-class way of entering information into a computer or getting it to do what …read more

Emailing from Lightroom

Here’s a quick summary of how to email files from Lightroom: The built-in way is to export files as JPEGs to your hard drive, then attach the to an email. Neat, eh? 1990s retro computing enthusiasts line right up! To email files directly from Lightroom, see Andréas Saudemon’s Mac-limited export plug-in Send By Mail Plug-in …read more