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After my recent post on the Windows-limited Geosetter, I thought I’d take a look at the Mac-limited HoudahGeo which Richard mentioned in his comment on that post. I’d first heard about it in Lightroom designer Eric Scouten’s post Geocoding Your Photos with Lightroom and HoudahGeo. It’s certainly not as well-featured as Geosetter, and nor for all the hoo-haa on Houdah’s site about Mac design principles is it any more elegant – except for one interesting aspect:

What this screenshot shows is one of the ways you can select images for applying GPS coordinates. It’s a sort of File Open dialog box, but it’s the inclusion of Lightroom catalogues that really caught my eye.

Unlike iDVD or other Apple applications which apparently, almost magically, use the Mac operating system to display the contents of iPhoto or Aperture libraries, it looks like HoudahGeo gets the images’ locations directly from Lightroom’s SQL databases and then displays their embedded thumbnails. While it would be nice to see the Lightroom-adjusted previews (which Marc Rochkind’s LRViewer can do), that’s not a must-have requirement. It also makes you think more…


For a while I’ve been playing around with GPS and geotagging. Without a real need, I’ve been happy just nibbling at it from various directions but for some reason in Italy I seemed to find time to try a bit of everything.

I’ve a little Garmin GPS unit that connects directly to the camera. After the wedding in Positano, I had time to look around the Amalfi coast and found a lovely location called Fiordo di Furore. Unfortunately the “fiordo” in its name means it’s a deep cove that’s well-sheltered from passing satellites. My other main location was Paestum with its Greek temples. Being in the midst of a mosquito-infested swamp (you should see my legs) it was much easier to gain a GPS signal and all should have been perfect for recording the coordinates directly into the image. But – and probably because it’s a very basic unit – the signal kept dropping. I really couldn’t be bothered checking the little GPS indicator on the camera each time I wanted to take a shot, and after a while I just more…