I’m not sure one should ever explain one’s photography, and categorising it as here into projects, landscape and historical re-enactment buckets is obviously crude. My pursuit of long term projects like Speakers Corner may have come from how, long before I bought a camera, I appreciated the work of photojournalists like Don McCullin, or Brian Harris in the early Independent newspaper, and of documentary photographers like Chris Killip or Sebastaio Salgado. My historical re-enactment work has similar roots – I recall noticing war photography as a teenager – though it’s more directly related to how I did a history degree at Cambridge and specialised in the English Civil War. I enjoy responding to a fast-changing scene and political events like Brexit, Covid-19, or now the Ukraine war, improvising and extracting rather than constructing images in a studio (as much as I love Robert Mapplethorpe’s work). Landscape might be a mix of the two approaches and I’ll happily spend hours contemplating a view and resolving minor details before a sudden change of light – but why overthink how one is drawn to natural beauty? I just hope you enjoy the pictures.