The 2016 Brexit referendum turned Britain into an international laughing stock.

Brexit’s leaders couldn’t agree what kind of Brexit the country had voted for, and the hapless Theresa “Brexit means Brexit” May wouldn’t seek wider consensus to seek a sensible Brexit (big assumption, I know!). She then decided to call a general election but lost her small majority in Parliament and found herself in office but with even less power than before to shape events.

After a couple of years of this self-inflicted chaos, Remainers eventually regrouped and in October 2018 I went on the “People’s March” to demand a vote on the actual Brexit deal that would “trump” the 2016 referendum. That day’s pictures led to this project, and since Westminster is only an hour’s walk or a quick bus ride from my home in 78%-Remain Dulwich, I then started going up to Parliament Square most weeks.

This is a selection of my favourites. Also see my Instagram and blog posts on Brexit which are mainly links to short YouTube videos of the more eventful days and curious moments.