I still don’t use hierarchical keywords in Lightroom¬†(why not – read my rant) but if I did ever change my mind I’d often want to type them into the Keywording panel, or occasionally into the Import dialog (why occasionally – see end of post).

So how do you manually type in multiple keywords so they are added to an existing keyword hierarchy in their correct position? Is there some sort of delimiter character?

Use either the pipe “|” or the greater than “>” symbol, depending on which way round you want to type your keywords:

  • ¬†“|” would be in you want to enter GrandParent | Parent | Child
  • ¬†“>” would be in you want to enter Child > Parent > GrandParent

And I do owe Gene McCullagh of LightroomSecrets a big credit for pointing out the pipe alternative to me. I don’t know it all, you know.

Why do I only “occasionally” enter keywords in the Import dialog? Well, when I’m registering new images in the catalogue I generally prefer to focus all my attention on that task – making sure I do transfer every image off every card, ensuring they are exactly where I want them, and being certain I have backup copies. I’ll enter metadata once I know they are safe.