Tomorrow is generally regarded as Lightroom’s 6th birthday – the anniversary of when the 1.0 beta for Mac was released. So I had been planning to announce Lightroom Solutions, but somehow it sneaked out early….

I’ve always preferred to have a single site, as there’s only one of me, but for a year or two I’ve wanted to post more Lightroom content. At least, I’d like to think some people may be interested in reading more, and there was a range of material I have been writing that never made it onto this blog. I get a decent number of emails asking for advice, for instance, or there are 4-5 web forums where I’ll answer questions on Lightroom-related topics ranging from beginner tips to more obscure but interesting topics. Apart from my posts being scattered around various forums, I’m also still wary of how forum owners can treat others’ freely-contributed writing as theirs to sell (I refer to the old Rob Galbraith forum going to a subscription-based service). Consolidating the various emails and posts here would swamp this site, however, and an entirely separate site would allow me to structure it in a way that’s more helpful for those only interested in Lightroom.

A lot of the good Lightroom names are already taken – quite a few merely redirecting to existing sites – but I registered  Lightroom Solutions in the middle of last year. “Solutions” is, I know, a bit of a cliché and I could trot out all sorts of guff about wanting to offer solutions, not questions. But there is a grain of truth there, because I do think that too much Lightroom advice is along the line of “anything goes”. People don’t need to be told there are three ways to do black and white with Lightroom, and that they’re all equal. Some ways are simply more equal than others, and what’s needed is clarity.

  • Want to write for Lightroom Solutions? Let me know.
  • The WordPress theme is one I wrote from the ground up. Tell me if you find problems.