If you’re in the UK, and if unlike me you occasionally watch ITV even when there’s no football, you may have experienced¬† last night’s season-opening episode of Midsomer Murders. This police drama was stretched out over 2 hours of prime time with ad breaks for ice cream, just when winter’s at its coldest this year, and for a bowel cancer charity. I don’t belittle that charity’s value, but times must be tough in commercial TV land if they’re scheduling ads telling you to go looking for “blood in your poo” at peak viewing times.

If you did see it, you may noticed the central starring role played by the historical re-enactors. This was the filming at Knebworth House that I mentioned in this post back in November. It was a fun day, and you don’t really see in this panorama how much smoke they generated – just imagine the tubes running all the way across the front of the building and all the way behind me. It was wonderful for photography – and perhaps a shame they didn’t use them throughout the filming…. Just not my kind of telly.