Andy Ilachinski’s site is rather cluttered and could do with the clean approach he applies to his lovely minimalist images. They’re grouped under “Entropic Melodies – Life in lifelessness” and “Timelessness Impermanence – Transient realities”, and there’s an artist’s statement too:

My imaging philosophy combines my training as a theoretical physicist, my interest in Taoist philosophy, and my love of photography as a penetrating art form: I strive to capture the subtle, interconnected web of Ch’i /energy that makes up what we “call” the world.

In the same way as all “objects” in this world are fundamentally impermanent, and essentially arbitrary, partitions of an otherwise continuous, unfragmented whole, photography is –for me– a mystical process whereby the veils of illusory fragmentation are momentarily lifted and the underlying immaterial essence of the universe is revealed.

Update: Also see Andy’s blog.