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Another go at WordPress

So, I’m having another go at WordPress. The idea is to manage all the site’s text content with a single tool, replacing the blog’s current reliance on the rather-aged pMachine and my use of Dreamweaver for other text pages. I also want to make changes of emphasis, for example integrating in my Twitter posts which would once have become shorter blog items (even if that does mean bringing in the tweets that are more like IM or social networking). Some longer blog posts would work better as articles – for example my ever popular post on the perils of multiple Lightroom catalogues, or those where I’ve used the blog for plug-ins. WordPress is obviously suited to blog postings, and its Pages feature will accommodate my need for longer articles. So far, so good – I’m pretty impressed with WordPress’s flexibility.

A few things about what I’m doing. I decided I wanted something that looked lighter and more open – not my Joy Division default with everything “contained” within a centred, rectangular layout. I liked how the Arjuna theme from SRS more…

pMachines to WordPress

Yesterday one of the web sites I maintain had a big problem – lots of ugly PHP error messages about “eregi is deprecated” and we were locked out of the control panel, pMachines, that manages the site’s content. On the other hand, the hosting company was excellent, their reply being so quick that I initially thought it was a duplicate acknowledgement of my support request, and they didn’t pull the “what have you changed?” or “we don’t support user applications” tricks. They had changed the server over to PHP5 and had switched off PHP4 support. pMachines is no longer updated, so I bit the bullet and spent all day migrating everything to WordPress, copying the content and building a custom page template. And of course, just as I was ready to show off my labours, one of the site’s users discovered the original site was working properly again – the host had restored support for PHP4. Yes, I know, setting up WordPress was a learning experience. “Bugger”!

In fairness, my eagerness to make the changeover was because I was looking for more…