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Six photographers in search of a security guard

This is great stuff – six photographers see what happens when they take their cameras round the financial district of London. Best of all, the police know and enforce the law. Via Duckrabbit

Mass shooting at City Hall

Photographer Not a Terrorist is organising another event on at 12:30 on Tuesday 3rd May at City Hall, London SE1 2AA: PHNAT is concerned about the role of private security guards in the prevention of terrorism. Their role has been promoted by police, with the result that many privately employed guards are illegally preventing citizens […]


Uniformed officials seem to have an unnatural fear of tripods. I’ve observed this before, at City Hall, the Swiss Re, and more pleasantly at the Tower of London. But my recent enthusiasm for digital infrared has meant I’ve needed to use the tripod as the infrared filter is opaque and you have to compose the […]

Paranoid androids

After my recent brush with authority at City Hall, thanks to Charles for drawing my attention to this letter in the Independent about a guy arrested for sketching near a railway station in London. What seems especially suspicious and worthy of police involvement was that he had a book on Iranian philisophy and a foreign […]

Reply from the Mayor

A few weeks ago I posted that I had written to London’s Mayor about a guard trying to stop me using a tripod to photograph London City Hall. I got an answer, and here it is in full: Dear Mr Beardsworth Thank you for your correspondence. The site is run by our landlord More London […]

Give a man a uniform

London’s new City Hall is one of the city’s more photogenic recent developments. If you don’t know it, the Norman Foster-designed building stands alone on the riverside and is surrounded by an open paved space laid out in swirls echoing the building’s strange shape. The area is completely open to the public. Early Sunday morning […]