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Painted landscapes

These are all photographs I’ve taken in my beloved Lake District over the last few years and reworked with a new effect which I found pretty addictive but can’t disclose, not yet anyway. You may of course say it should remain that way, but I rather liked the results and it is my party….   […]

SlideShowPro releases Director-WordPress plugin

SlideShowPro’s newly-released Director WordPress plugin is a handy way to call individual images like this from Director and display them on a WordPress page. In case you haven’t been following our news lately, this plugin allows you to insert images and videos from SlideShowPro Director (self-install or through into WordPress blog posts/pages. You may […]


What you’re seeing here is SlideShowPro’s SlidePress, a WordPress plug-in that uses SlideShowPro to display images drawn from content management systems such as – in this case – SlideShowPro’s Director. [slidepress gallery=’lakes’] As noted above, it is a WordPress plug-in. Set-up was almost entirely through WordPress’s Plugins section and it went right first time – […]

SlideShowPro Director 1.5 with Mobile – a non Flash slideshow

I don’t believe for a second that Apple’s failure to support Flash on the iPad is for anything other than their own commercial self-interest. It was in their power to be so pigheaded, their apologists will always back their decisions and puff out a smokescreen of technical justifications, while all the workload and changeover costs […]

Slideshowpro Director and GPS

Here’s an example of why I like SlideShowPro and particularly its Director image management database. Just a week ago in this post a user asks SlideShowPro about using GPS data in images he’s uploaded to Director, and within 5 days they’ve updated Director and added GPS Support. This is partly based on code by Dave Finlayson, […]

SlideShowPro Director Connector

SlideShowPro Director Connector is a WordPress plug-in written by Swiss-based photographer Ruggero de Pellegrini. It’s a nice piece of work that lets you access Director images directly from the WordPress editing window – just compose a blog post or page, click a button, and choose your picture from Director – and you’re done. It adds […]

Another go at WordPress

So, I’m having another go at WordPress. The idea is to manage all the site’s text content with a single tool, replacing the blog’s current reliance on the rather-aged pMachine and my use of Dreamweaver for other text pages. I also want to make changes of emphasis, for example integrating in my Twitter posts which […]

SlideShowpro Director 1.4.1

SlideShowpro Director 1.4.1 has been released and has watermarking: Director 1.4.1 includes new support for built-in watermarking, allowing you to upload an image (transparent PNGs work best) to use as a watermark, then Director composites that image on your original content when it creates the optimized copy for your slideshows. You can define as many […]

SSP Director

Following up a comment about the new Flash alter-ego, I noticed that I wasn't as protected from hotlinking as I had thought. Rather complacently, I had noticed my SlideShowPro Director (the content management system for all the site's pictures) had got both an htaccess file and a crossdomain.xml file which limits which allows you to […]

Flashing (getting it out in public)

I noticed the other day that in the darkest corners of my hard drive are some Flash files dating back to 1999. That I've been dabbling with Flash for ten years was a surprise, but these were Precambrian era fumblings and very primitive life forms indeed. As the second Christian Millennium stumbled onwards, every so […]

LR3-beta - Publish Services

Like many of the features in LR3-beta, Publish Services seems a small step forward. Its obvious use is for those who use services like Flickr, Smugmug etc, and before long I hope SlideShowPro's Director can also be included. But it isn't just about the web - there's also the Hard Drive option. This lets you […]

Flash and Google

For anyone with Flash on their website, or those of us endlessly putting off the day of launching our Flash sites, last week there was an interesting post on Google's webmaster blog. The title Flash indexing with external resource loading may not be too catchy, but the post quickly gets to the point : We […]

SlideShowPro 1.96

SlideShowPro's latest update is a bit more significant than most - it introduces a “Ken Burns” pan and zoom effect - so I'm downloading it right now. A Lightroom version of this is here now.

The blog's left hand column…

… now includes the latest images that I've uploaded to the site. While one thinks of SlideShowPro as a Flash component, their SlideShowPro Director manages your web site's content and serves up different sizes of images to both Flash and regular HTML pages. Here I'm using a few features in conjunction: The Lightroom-Director export plug-in […]

SSP Director 1.3

I'd been holding off upgrading SlideShowPro Director until I had enough time to do so properly, but I was itching to try the smart albums included in version 1.3. Here I've set my new photos section so it's now calculated automatically. I always find that any “latest photos” section soon becomes static, or involves some […]

Wet floor effect with ActionScript 3

If you own SlideShowPro, you get access to lots of examples including the wet floor effect. While I'm sure some will dismiss the look as frivolous or simply too popular to be original, it's so ubiquitous nowadays because (1) we or rather computers can create it on the fly and (2) it does add interesting […]

So you think Flash is safe?

Just as a lot of photographers think they have to go Mac, a lot think their web site has to be Flash-based because it stops people stealing their pictures. “Stops”, of course, has always been an exaggeration - someone could always do a screenshot or scavenge through the browser's cache folder. Flash only makes saving […]


Launching a Flash site has always been a background project - it's not as if I'm unhappy with the current site - and it's pretty easy to find a reason to keep it in the garage and keep tinkering away. Learning ActionScript3 was the latest reason for such delay, but I've convinced myself it was […]

Humpty dumpty

How bloody annoying. Yesterday, rather than renew my annual hosting agreement, I was switching to another package. While staying with the same host, their more modern platform costs less, and has better email handling and PHP5, which I “need” to play with SlideShowPro's API. The cunningly-devised plan was to get all the html, images, email […]

Why iView, still?

I was asked recently for a few reasons why I still use Expression Media (I still call it iView) rather than depending entirely on Lightroom, so in descending order, here goes: By far the biggest reason is to manage in a single place all files related to photographic projects. For me, like very many photographers, […]