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The nanny’s estate

John Malooof struck lucky when he bought a box of old negatives at a furniture and antique auction. They turned out to be by a nanny called Vivian Maier and consisted of 100,000 frames from the middle of the last century depicting Chicago and her travels: …I met with two of the people Vivian was …read more

Keith Laban’s colours

Keith Laban says his “background as a painter and illustrator has inevitably influenced my photographic work” and he has some lovely images on his site. Many seem to be from a few places in Greece, but I was particularly keen on his shots of Abinger Roughs, just south west of London.

Chris Palmer

Just enjoyed looking through Chris Palmer’s site which include lots of very imaginative landscapes such as this one from Iceland. I particularly liked the Fields and Ice galleries. I’m not sure that I have a style – maybe that’s something you can decide once you’ve looked at my pictures. That’s a pretty good philosophy, don’t …read more

Strictly landscape

Congratulations are due to Antony Spencer for his wintry picture of Corfe Castle in Dorset, which has won him this year’s British landscape photographer of the year. A well-deserving winner, a curved lead in line composition balanced by lovely subdued colours and shapes in the sky, and unlike some previous winners – and perhaps the …read more


Robin Whalley is a “self taught Landscape Photographer living in Saddleworth near Oldham. He draws his inspiration from the industrial and rugged landscapes of the North of England.” I was enjoying his shots of the Lake District, particularly as I’m planning on getting to Wastwater (shown here) very soon, but also check out his Torres …read more

Tono Stano

Never heard of Prague-based photographer Tono Stano before, but there are some wonderful black and white figure studies at his site. Particularly good are those under studio works – make sure you click the numbers under each strip of thumbnails. Via the excellent Iconic Photos.

Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart is a London-based photographer with a great eye for the quirky and amusing. While he uses digital for his commercial work, he walks and shoots a couple of rolls a day on a Leica MP. Thanks Pieter.

Nils Jorgensen

Nils Jorgensen‘s photography seems to be mostly round London and in streets and other public places, but he can make wonderfully-funny images in places as ordinary as this ticket machine on the Underground. I really enjoyed looking through this site – a great eye for the hilarious.

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz is a Polish guy who ended up in Cardiff doing a PhD and started photographing the local night life in his wonderful Cardiff after Dark series. It’s great stuff – a bit like Weegee meets Graham Smith’s Middlesbrough pub in colour – and I imagine not easy to photograph without getting your head …read more

David Eisenlord

Picking one of David Eisenlord’s pictures from Iceland seems appropriate right now – though we may soon be heartily sick of being downwind of the land of fire and ice. I could equally well have picked something from his wild places of the west of Ireland. The images are hand coated platinum/palladium or gum over …read more

Keep it bsimple

bsimple‘s miminalist web site contains some wonderfully-imaginative “conceptual” photography. It only says that “all images on this website are assembled & printed in a traditional darkroom” and seems to belong to Misha Gordin, a US-based Latvian, who explained his work in this (surprisingly-readable) artist’s statement: … in my opinion, conceptual photography is a higher form of …read more

Rebekka Gudleifsdottir

Rebekka Gudleifsdottir is further proof that while Icelanders are few in number there’s an awful lot of creativity bubbling away on that small island: All photographs are taken by myself (also the ones with me in them) and all post-processing is done by me. I am self-taught. I decided to become a photographer in May …read more

A classic photographer

BBC Scotland’s Classics Unwrapped has a 2 hour interview with the leading classical music photographer Clive Barda – it’s on the iPlayer here [No longer available]. It’s worth hearing for the music alone, which starts with Elgar’s cello concerto performed by Jacquelin duPre (this page) who Clive photographed at the start of his career in …read more

Don't ask, don't tell

I really enjoyed reading David Ward‘s The Landscape Beyond during my recent trip to the Lake District. Apart from enjoying the photographs by this “t-shirt winning professional landscape photographer working on large format”, what stuck with me most was his comment about landscape photographers being inordinately concerned with the location where a picture was made. …read more

Ted Leeming

Ted Leeming has a lovely set of in-camera blurred landscapes: The landscape. What appears solid and unchanging is in reality a story of movement and evolution. Nothing remains constant. This planet and all upon it is in a state of continuous transition, both seasonally and over the eons of time. By looking at the present …read more

Guess where

Not sure where I found this link, but I like Pep Ventosa’s collective snapshots so much that his description of the work has escaped being included in my artist’s statements: Each of these works is a composite of up to one hundred snapshots of the same subject matter, taken by me or others, layered or …read more

Tao, Chi, Eek

Andy Ilachinski’s site is rather cluttered and could do with the clean approach he applies to his lovely minimalist images. They’re grouped under “Entropic Melodies – Life in lifelessness” and “Timelessness Impermanence – Transient realities”, and there’s an artist’s statement too: My imaging philosophy combines my training as a theoretical physicist, my interest in Taoist …read more


I think it’s time for another batch of artists statements…. Gary Treadwell‘s site contains some lovely b&w pictures – look for the small and rather faint navigation buttons. But: I am interested in exploring the ‘innerness’ of things, their presence and existance [sic] in our visual language. Found via the ever excellent Black and White …read more

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Farah Mahbub is a Pakistani photographer whose site does its best to hide away his excellent pictures behind a fog of religious guff. You get to photos by choosing Personal Divergences from an annoyingly-noisy Flash menu. Then, not in the menu but stuck in the middle of the page are links such as “Serendipity“. You …read more


David Fokos does slow exposures and writes that this reflects an underlying philosophy of how we see the world. Luckily it’s more impressionistic than transcendental: Using long exposures ranging from 20 seconds up to 60 minutes, I have tried to filter out what I call the “visual noise” of everyday life in order to reveal …read more