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Syncomatic 1.21: -edit and other suffixes

Syncomatic’s original idea was to sync the metadata of files where their names are the same but they have different file types – for example, from 123.cr2 to 123.tif. However, by default Lightroom adds -edit to the file suffix when it sends a file to Photoshop and plenty of photographers identify different versions of a […]

Syncomatic available now via Photographer’s Toolbox

Tim Armes’s Lightroom plug-in site, Photographer’s Toolbox now has a blog to announce new plug-ins from Tim, me, and from Matt Dawson. There’s also a Twitter feed for quick announcements. My latest plug-in Syncomatic is uploaded and available. Syncomatic is not a plug-in everyone will need but is designed for circumstances where you need to […]

Dossier de Presse

Dossier de Presse is a Lightroom-WordPres plug-in from Luc Renambot: I’m using WordPress with the NextGEN gallery plugin and I used to export my images to disk and then create a gallery and upload the images. They are (better) plugins to upload to WordPress, but I couldn’t find one that supported NextGEN gallery plugin. So […]

Locktastic available

Locktastic is now available through Photographer’s Toolbox. This simple plug-in for Lightroom 2 or 3 is designed for photographers who lock or tag files while shooting events, and once they’re in Lightroom it marks those thumbnails with the red label.

Search Replace Transfer – you can now buy it

I’m pleased to announce that Search Replace Transfer is now available for sale at Tim Armes’s site Photographer’s Toolbox. Search Replace Transfer is a Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields: Searches and replaces text like a word processor Appends text before or after existing text Transfers […]

Lightroom 3, IPTC Extensions, and my plug-ins

One of the less obvious changes between the beta and Lightroom 3 is the inclusion of the “IPTC Extensions“,the extra metadata fields agreed last year (specification here – PDF). Great to see Adobe’s keeping up with publicly-agreed standards rather than doing what the competitor does and pretending they don’t exist! Some of the fields could […]

Lightroom to Mobile Me

When I set up my Mac laptop, I remember they tried to get me to set up a .Mac account, what’s now called MobileMe. My first reaction – you’ve just taken my money and you’re trying to tie me up even more – certainly wasn’t meant as positively as Max Mosley might have uttered it, […]

How can I pay you for your plug-ins?

I’ve said before that I intend to introduce paid versions of my plug-ins, especially Search Replace Transfer which finds and replaces metadata text, and Open Directly which sends the selected files to other programs such as Nikon Capture NX. It’s just taken much longer than I’d hoped. Rather than half-bake my own licensing mechanism, I’ll […]

My plug-ins and Lightroom 3 beta

I've not been in a great rush to update my plug-ins for the Lightroom 3 beta - the beta's not for real work, and changes to the SDK coding environment don't appear until much closer to the final release date. But in the past few days I have updated three plug-ins which didn't work in […]

Custom metadata and Lightroom

Maybe later this week I’ll wheel out the new LR3-friendly version of my Search, Replace and Transfer plug-in. There’s still a bit of testing to do though because I’ve had to find ways to work around LR3’s database access change – when your plug-in’s dialog box provides immediate feedback, you’ve a bit of a problem […]

Lightroom Plug-in #5 - Open Directly

I rarely feel the need to edit a raw file in Nikon Capture, and I don't find much advantage from doing so. In my case, it's an admission of defeat as I should be able to do all I want in Lightroom. For others I suspect it's a somewhat dubious faith in the camera makers' […]

Thoughts on learning Lua

No, I’m not going to write any tutorials, but Sean suggested writing some thoughts on learning Lua for Lightroom…. Getting this far with Lua has been a real struggle. I am not a trained programmer like Jeffrey Friedl. I know no C, C++, Cocoa etc, so I don’t know if Lua is easy for people […]