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Last year PhaseOne finally acquired – “liberated” may be a better word –¬† Expression Media from Microsoft and gave it back its old name, MediaPro. I say “finally” because they had tried to add the original iView MediaPro cataloguing program to their CaptureOne raw conversion products back in 2006, and also because in those five […]

Expression Media to Capture One

PhaseOne’s site now has an excellent series of movies by Peter Krogh showing how to use Expression Media with CaptureOne. I must admit that since taking up the free CaptureOne offer, I’ve not done much more than install the program on my main computers. Over the years, while respecting it as one of the very […]

A vogue for coalition?

The BJP interviews Henrik O. H√•konsson, president and CEO of Phase One, on the iView / Expression Media acquisition: “We’ve used the Expression Media software for many years, both when it was not owned and owned by Microsoft,” he says. “We could see that Microsoft was not so eager to expand in this particular field. […]

Out of the Redmond triangle?

Is it 4 years ago that I was doing an iView presentation to photographers at Old Trafford, finally getting my chance to perform at United’s “theatre of dreams”. My talk ended at 5pm, the same time as the embargo was lifted on the news that Microsoft had just bought the product, so I was able […]

A brand new DAM

It was no secret that it was on the way, but my friend Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book has now been listed on Amazon US and Amazon UK. The original book was immediately unusual in its cover not being emblazoned with “Photoshop CS2” or focussing on the image processing side of the pixel mountain. Peter […]

Expression Media 2 beta

These days, though you often wonder if fully-released versions differ from that condition, everyone’s doing prolonged public betas of imaging software. Microsoft have joined in too, releasing Expression Media 2 (formerly iView) as a beta for Windows and Mac. Nearly two years since the acquisition, Microsoft haven’t ruined the program, but there’s surprisingly little progress […]

Peter Krogh's book

As a frequent contributor to web forums on “digital asset management” software (cataloguing programs like Portfolio, iView and iMatch), you soon distinguish fellow travellers who’ve also thought a bit more deeply about the issues. One of those is Peter Krogh who dropped me a nice email yesterday. Peter’s a Maryland-based advertising photographer and O’Reilly is […]