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Mining the gaps

Trying to evaluate the different ways to publish interactive content to the iPad is, I imagine, a bit like speed dating and you barely have time to assess one method’s better points and its downfalls before you’re being told it’s time to move on in your (vain) attempt to get round the full room. The …read more

The app

This is the app I’ve been creating in InDesign. It’s a portfolio of pictures with tutorial content including interactive elements like pop out images, panning and zooming, and video (and some stuff where frankly I’m just showing off). Contact me if you’re interested in seeing the actual thing – it may be a service I …read more

Clouding over

Over the past couple of weeks since my previous post, I’ve been putting a lot of time into reading everything I can find on publishing to the iPad, particularly from InDesign, so I was fascinated by Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch’s series of announcements during the Max conference keynote yesterday. [iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”296″] It wasn’t …read more

An iFaustian bargain….

Over the past week or so I’ve been playing around with ways to publish to the iPad and potentially to other mobile devices. I’m not terribly impressed by eBooks and what interests me is creating books in app form – bookAppsTM which could be marketed through Apple’s AppStore. Check out William Neill’s Yosemite app for …read more

LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in

LR-iTunes is a simple plug-in I wrote (hacked) to help synchronize pictures from Lightroom via iTunes to my iPad. Basically it is a dumbed down version of the Hard Drive Publishing Service and is more suited for the requirements of iTunes. So I tried to make it look the part which is no big deal, …read more

1030 by 752

I just came across this Russell Brown video Exporting Adobe Lightroom 3 PDF Portfolios to an Apple iPad. No doubt I wasn’t too interested when it first came out, and I’ve already exported PDF slideshows to the iPad enough times not to find it very interesting this time around – other than 1030 by 752 …read more