Stefano Orazzini is an Italian photographer who mainly seems to do the kind of long exposure black and white stuff that’s been in vogue for a few years. There are lots of really excellent images on his site and for a bit more information see this interview:

I can’t tell the exact reason why I chose black and white as a means of expression. Every day we are bombarded with colors: television, advertising, traffic, supermarkets … The black and white photography for me is like a trip back in time and a way to escape from this world. Perhaps because 90% of contemporary photographers use color and I don’t like to follow the trendy styles of the moment. Or because it allows you to direct the viewer’s gaze on the subject, the message of black and white is stronger and more direct. Also it allows me to follow the entire imaging process: from capture, to the development of the negative and the printing. Finally, I think that a black and white photograph is timeless and never gets boring.

I couldn’t agree more. Ha ragione!