Take a look at two excellent articles by David Riecks – The Top 12 Myths about Embedded Photo Metadata and Why Embedded Photo Metadata Won’t Help Your SEO (at least without some help) :

There have been several recent articles, such as “The Definitive Guide to SEO for Images: 6 Steps to Image-Ranking Success” by Stephen Chapman, and “How To Add Embedded Meta Data To Your Images For Relevant Image Search” from NateBal, that recommend adding embedded information to the images on your website in order to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While the idea certainly has merit, and I’m all for encouraging the practice of added embedded metadata to increase findability and protect intellectual property, there is one hitch to what they propose. That hitch is that while it is possible for automated search bots to be configured to read the embedded photo metadata embedded in digital images, there is no evidence to suggest that the search engines are currently doing this; nor is there any evidence that it will help with the SEO for your images or your website — at least not without some additional work.

That’s some hole in the SEO advice, don’t you think?

I know David tried pretty hard to make comments on those blogs. Maybe their moderators deemed his posts were too lengthy, or too densely-worded, but I’ve little doubt they were proper and polite ways of “calling BS”. And people wonder why SEO has a “negative stigma”?