So Nikon have just announced a D750, and it’s got some interesting new features for Nikon’s higher end bodies.

New-Nikon-D750-DSLR-back-300x232Early this year, when I switched from a D700 to a D800, I wrote about how it felt a rather old-fashioned camera. And no doubt I would say the same of its replacement, the D810.

OK, the D800/810 does offer video, but things have moved on from when video felt new in a still camera. Articulated screens aren’t new, and I’ve loved using them on cameras like the Fuji XT1 and I have been puzzled by the feature’s absence on newer Nikon bodies. The D750 has one, and I suspect I would use it in many ways to gets pictures that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to take. That might be candid shots of people, or in less-sneaky situations where you want to maintain face contact with your subject but quickly glance down to review the composition, a bit like using a medium format viewfinder. And thinking of one thing I’ve been doing this week, photographing mushrooms, an articulated screen would certainly mean a lot less rolling around on the ground!

Another way the D800 felt old-fashioned was in the lack of wifi. Again, that’s arrived in the D750, so it will probably enable remote shooting without a Camranger or other third party gear. The other aspect is transferring recent images directly to a phone or tablet.

If I’d been switching now, I might still have gone to the D810 (despite a fixed screen and no wifi) but I can certainly see D700 users finding the D750 very attractive.