workflowMy latest book is published today – just in time for Christmas (!).

Digital Photo Workflow (Made Easy) is a short book that tries to cover everything and to make it look easy – or at least make it the obvious way to work. That’s quite an ambitious scope and one that may seem beyond 128 pages, but I often find that learning soon grinds to a halt once it’s smothered by a book piling on the detail. Instead this is more about understanding the overall tasks, fitting them together, and equipping the reader with guidance about best practice.

So while it shows a lot of Lightroom, it doesn’t pretend to be a slider-by-slider manual. It might have included a lengthy chapter on catalogues, for instance, but instead steers the reader towards using a single catalogue and not fragmenting one’s workflow. It tells you about folders in Lightroom, but the bullet point is avoiding the (natural) temptation to use them to categorize your pictures. For those who won’t start using keywords because it’s too big a job, there’s some pretty brutal advice about the journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step. There’s a lot of best practice in there, but sweetened and expressed in familiar language. It’s a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


You can get the book from Amazon UK / USA or as an eBook (PDF) from Ilex Instant.