Terry White’s Creative Suite Podcast is one of the many RSS feeds that I track. I generally look forward to watching each new one, at least once the horrid intro music finishes. They’re short and there’s a decent variety of coverage from some topics where my reactions may be as lukewarm as “so that’s what Illustrator does” to others that spark ideas.

I don’t feel it’s too embarrassing to say that this morning, being in no hurry to get up, I was reading various things on the iPad (had I been reading something while on the toilet….). So I lay there watching How To Use Photoshop Files in Your Adobe Muse Website where Terry “shows how to incorporate Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) files in your Muse Website and how to create buttons with hyperlinks.”

Interesting enough, if you’re convinced by Muse, but I don’t really buy the “create a website without writing code” line (they always say that!) and this example rather sums up why I feel it’s the poor man’s¬†Dreamweaver and a diversion of Adobe resources and attention (how thick do you have to be to find Dreamweaver too difficult?). As I saw Terry showing how you could place a Photoshop PSD file in a web page design and how Muse would output it as a JPEG/PNG, I just kept thinking I’m sure I can do exactly the same thing in Dreamweaver – and I’m sure it’s just as easy. So before the podcast was half way through I was on my way downstairs looking for the laptop (I’m glad to say it stays out of the bedroom!) to prove my case.

Why don’t Adobe tell anyone about this? Well they did – as long ago as the days of CS4 – and there’s a video Working with Photoshop and Dreamweaver.