The moment I heard about this poster of our hereditary head of state’s family, I knew I needed to get a snap.

I’d tried on Sunday but abandoned the idea after getting so snarled up in traffic that had been rerouted for a 10K run (yes it’s going to be chaos for the rest of us when the Olympics hit town). But this morning I was heading to the opening the London Festival of Photography (which has some excellent work) and stopped off at Blackfriars for half an hour waiting for people to move into my frame and practising my usual street  photography repertoire – the thousand yard stare, pretending to wait for them to pass, the odd smile of gratitude as they speed up and think they didn’t spoil your shot.

Don’t you agree the poster is completely hideous – and rather un-British at such a scale? I imagine Kim Jong Un would approve though, even if he might not understand why Mark Phillips has not been Photoshopped out of the picture or why they couldn’t find one with the blessed Princess Di?