Speakers Corner - first time I've been there for ages, OK 6 months

This man seems to believe that it’s right that

  • we are Her Majesty’s subjects and not citizens
  • the head of state should be determined by heredity and not by the ballot box
  • legislation passed by his elected representatives doesn’t become law until it has the Queen’s signature
  • marrying a Catholic, but not a Muslim or atheist, should disqualify  members of the family from the line of succession
  • modernisation is allowing female children equal precedence
  • foreign tourists wouldn’t come here if we got rid of the Monarchy, unlike in France
  • the family name is the very-English Windsor and not something Greek or German
  • Bulgaria, Greece, and Yugoslavia still have kings

He probably has a lot of other equally silly beliefs too. But no doubt he’s right that this ludicrous institution will long outlive us.

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