Best of 2018

Candid moments

I have always admired street photography, which I see as candid public photography and not merely pictures taken in a street location, and I like the challenges of trying to make pictures when people know I am there, spotting stuff and capturing the funny side. I’ve been doing more of this partly thanks to the smaller Fuji system and also after beginning a daily routine of walks around London. The final two black and white images also demonstrate something else – the astonishing range of tones that you can achieve using Lightroom app’s HDR option on an iPhone 8.


For the London-based photographer Brexit is both a national embarrassment and a dream photographic opportunity. Westminster is a convenient number 3 bus ride from my home or a long hour’s walk, and I’ve been going up on the days of the big votes as well as going on the march for a second referendum. If nothing else, this nightmare has been great for British creativity.

Night photography

I wouldn’t say I do a lot of it, but over the last year or two I seem to be doing more photography at twilight or at night.

In the 1990s my drive home took me through the Pimlico area where a view of Battersea Power Station often caught my eye. Over the years I have taken a few shots at this location, but it is now being rebuilt and the view looks great at night.

Although Staithes on the N Yorkshire coast is a favourite with photographers, that evening was my first time there and the smoke seemed to offer me something different that made the scene mine. But what pleased me most was that when a car arrived and my first thought had been that it would spoil the picture, instead I decided that it would actually complete the photo.

Lake District

It’s not that I haven’t done my usual landscape photography in the Lakes, but this year my favourites seem to be a bit quirkier than most years! Again, I’ll point to the Fuji, but also I got a Peak Design strap which is particularly long and encourages me to walk with the camera slung by my side and ready for use.


I am still very much into the English Civil War re-enactment scene, but I was also able to photographed the Ragged Victorians (the great unwashed) group again, this time at the SS Great Britain, one of the first iron-hulled passenger ships for transatlantic viyages.