Fancy trying it? OK, here’s the plug-in (limited to 10 items) and various example vocabulary files. See the previous post for the thinking behind the plug-in but these bits are new:

  • Hierarchical keywords are supported with hierarchies created using the pipe “|” and multiple keywords being separated by tabs – see example files
  • Up to 200 shortcut buttons possible
  • A preference in the Plug-In Manager for a default folder where vocabulary files are stored
  • Previous button which works like the Previous button in Develop, updating the current item’s keywords with those of the previous photo
  • Previous + Next – as above, but also goes to next photo
  • Copy and two paste buttons, one overwriting and the other appending
  • Deselect button – sometimes an image shouldn’t be in the selection. This means you don’t have to close the dialog box
  • Vocabulary files need to be UTF-8
  • I’m ensuring all text labels can be displayed in non-English languages. Maybe I should offer a free licence in exchange for a translation?

I am working on a script that will create a hierarchy file from an existing keyword hierarchy, but the main design focus is on externally-sourced lists like competitors’  bib numbers or kids’ names.