This Google+ post caught my eye:

We’ve supported full-size photo backups for almost a year now, and as a result many of you have been storing your RAW images on Google+. Of course: any time you view RAW files we convert them to JPEGs — to optimize the file size, and keep the service fast.

Starting today, and thanks to +Nik Photography, our RAW-to-JPEG conversion is now significantly improved. RAW images from more than 70 different cameras will look better as a result (full list below), and we’re tuning additional models over time.

I’m not sure who Ronald Wotzlaw may be, other than being a Google guy. My guess, based on the topic and that he hails from Berlin, is that he must be one of the people that Google acquired last year when they bought Nik.

So how close are Google to offering raw processing and editing? And what level will it be pitched at –  Snapseed/Picasa, or more like Nik?