Two weeks into using Portfolio, I'm very happy with my choice. I've now built my long term Portfolio database and I especially like how Portfolio can be automated from Visual Basic. No product is right for everyone, and I always want a program to be programmable. Opening up the interface to VB is a great idea.

My need came from how Portfolio (v6) imports Nikon raw files. In addition to 256*256 thumbnails, I've set it up to import 1000 pixel high previews. This option means it makes large jpeg files that it uses for previews, instead of having to open the Nikon raw files again. Unfortunately Portfolio doesn't pick up the portrait/landscape orientation in the NEF file's header. So I added a custom field to the catalogue to mark images as counterclockwise or clockwise portrait. I then wrote some VB to get this information from selected items in Portdolio, and rotate the corresponding jpeg previews (by also automating Photoshop).