Carl WeeseI've never before heard the phrase “banquet cameras” but those - large format view cameras, I assume - are what Carl Weese works with, as well as platinum/palladium printing techniques. He has though recently returned to colour work and started photographing digitally:

The pictures themselves reflect the notion that there is no hierarchy in photographic subject matter, no good or bad things to photograph. For me the only reason to photograph one subject and not another is the expectation - or hope - that it will make an interesting picture.

While agreeing with his point about no “good” or “bad” subjects, I'm not sure about these colour pictures. I am interested, sure, but not by the subject - I just kept wondering why he had taken them. Surely it's vital for a photograph to communicate, or at least hint at, why the photographer released the shutter?

Anyway, for me his black and whites are much more successful, especially the abandoned drive-in theatres. Did we ever have drive in cinemas over here?