Well done to Richard Earney for pointing out this hour-long programme on Colin Prior which looks like it was on BBC Scotland last night. It concentrates on a project to photograph the Karakorum range in northern Pakistan and it’s particularly amusing to see the usually-rugged Prior needing a porter for his camera bag because of the altitude. As if the area wasn’t already remote, the expedition coincided with a massacre of climbers not far away. You don’t get to see many of his photographs for long and I couldn’t find any online (he seems to hold them back for book or other sales) but you certainly gain an appreciation of his dedication to “distil the landscape” – which seems such an appropriate phrase for a Scot.


1909 panorama by Vittorio Sella

There’s more about the filming here, and the┬áprogramme will be on the BBC iPlayer for at least a week.

One major theme was the panoramas made by an Italian photographer, Vittorio Sella, during a 1909 exhibition. I couldn’t hear if it was the Duke of Abbuzzi whose baggage weighed 6 tons, or Sella’s, but it’s nothing new that royal families find ways of misspending public money like buying league titles or flying around Australasia shaking hands and waving, and Sella must have been glad that this member of the Italian royal family funded the trip and paid for the porters who lugged his glass negatives up into the mountains. If you’re interested in seeing more work by Sella, who was much admired by Ansel Adams, see this site.