carolyn drake

From Carolyn Drake’s Two Rivers series

This morning a friend and I took almost the last chance to see the Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour show before it closes over the weekend.

I’m not so sure it really did live up to its claim to “illustrate how [14]  photographers working in Europe and North America adopted and adapted the master’s ethos famously known as the ‘decisive moment’ to their work in colour.”

Some pictures did seem to fit into that agenda, but there was a series by one photographer shot from his car window that might have been a whole lot more interesting had that moment been devoted to getting out of the car and using his legs.

My favourites all seemed to be by two photographers, Saul Leiter who has obviously been around for a long time but was a completely-new name to me, and the much younger Carolyn Drake (right) whose web site has more excellent work.