I couldn't care less about the Olympics, whether it's in Peking, Athens or indeed in London - give me the World Cup anyday - but I do enjoy any embarrassing slip ups, whether it's the medal-winning athlete who riles against drug cheats one day and gets caught out the next, or little cracks in the Chinese PR facade. So I was amused to find this WSJ article on how this prize-winning photo of chiru antelopes and a controversial train line was found to be a Photoshopped fake:

Once nearly wiped out by poachers who made shawls from its wool, the chiru's numbers have increased in recent years, and the knobby-kneed bovid has emerged as a symbol of China's environmental-protection efforts. Yingying the Tibetan Antelope is one of the five official mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Some antelope lovers knew from the start that something was wrong with Mr. Liu's photo. “I was really shocked when I first saw the photo,” says Yang Xin, of the antelope protection group Green River. For starters, he says, many of the antelope in the picture appeared to be pregnant and there were no young with the herd. That was a tip-off because many antelope would have given birth before late June when the photo was supposedly taken.

Sounds like Yang Xin is best kept well away from any drug testing, eh? Via