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jb Keyword Tools – test version

Fancy trying it? OK, here’s the plug-in (limited to 10 items) and various example vocabulary files. See the previous post for the thinking behind the plug-in but these bits are new:

Hierarchical keywords are supported with hierarchies created using the pipe “|” and multiple keywords being separated by tabs – see example files
Up to 200 shortcut buttons possible
A preference in the Plug-In Manager for a default folder where vocabulary files are stored
Previous button which works like the Previous button in Develop, updating the current item’s keywords with those of the previous photo
Previous + Next – as above, but also goes to next photo
Copy and two paste buttons, one overwriting and the other appending
Deselect button – sometimes an image shouldn’t be in the selection. This means you don’t have to close the dialog box
Vocabulary files need to be UTF-8
I’m ensuring all text labels can be displayed in non-English languages. Maybe I should offer a free licence in exchange for a translation?

I am working on a script that will create a hierarchy file from an existing keyword hierarchy, but the main design focus more…

jb Keyword Tools

A new plug-in is bubbling – jb Keyword Tools. It’s aimed at those who use controlled vocabularies of keywords, and also at event shooters who use keywords to organise their workflows. It’s a bit like a bigger version of Lightroom’s Keywording panel, but with the access to external files that makes PhotoMechanic’s “Code Replacement” or iView’s vocabulary files features so popular.

The concept is that you initially prepare one or more keyword vocabularies – tab delimited text files. The format of the file is important – tab-delimited text, UTF-8 encoding, and on Mac the line endings must be standard Unix. These are dead easy to create in Excel and I’m finding it handy to store them on Dropbox so they can be accessed from any computer.

When you’re doing your keywording, you call a menu command and are prompted to load a vocabulary file. This has one button for each line in the vocabulary, so here I used a file of keywords about owls (bird lovers please don’t shoot me – I know next to nothing about owls). Click a button and more…