I don’t consider myself a car enthusiast and this series of pictures only began during a landscape photography trip to the Lake District one November when I heard of a rally close to where I stay. High up on the fell above Honister slate mine, that day was bitingly-cold, windy, alternately raining and then snowing, and it was such an ordeal that I spent most of it wanting to head for home. But it was also great to be so close to the action with a dramatic background, so my longer lenses stayed in the bag in favour of a wide angle lens, and grad filters for the sky.

This was an annual Vintage Sports-Car Club event and I’m often up there at that time of year. Sometimes it’s been dark and torrentially-wet all day, or autumn is late and there’s still lots of colour, and I try to exploit my local knowledge so the pictures remain landscapes with cars. I wouldn’t want people to think I took car pictures….

Gradually, and as you may gather somewhat-reluctantly, I found myself making trips to other venues around the country. But my interest in motorsport remains very much about the technical aspects and the pleasure comes from the right shutter speed which froze action but kept the sense of movement, or from panning the camera and getting that one sharp frame. And lovely though the cars may be, I’m stubbornly immune to the heritage of historic marques or the peculiarities of chain-driven┬átransmission systems!