Best of 2019


Parliament is a convenient number 3 bus ride or an hour’s walk from my home, and photographing the Brexit protests in London seems to have been a big part of my 2019.

Around London

I always have a camera, usually the Fuji X-T2, on my daily walks extended further. And in such a big city you never know what you are going to encounter, even heavy horses ploughing in my local park.

Extinction Rebellion

I hadn’t intended to photograph so much of the first week-long closure of central London but I was fascinated by how the XR protesters sought to reach out and persuade. With Brexit soon going to be “done”, I suspect I’ll photograph more of these protests in the coming year.


I am still very much into the English Civil War re-enactment scene. One change was using off camera flash on a couple of indoor events after I got a pair of Cactus V6 II triggers to fire my Nikon flash gun from my Fuji camera. I still prefer natural light, but it’s a very portable setup and seemed to bring out my inner Caravaggio!


In spring a musician friend had shown me a picture using a puddle. It was so clever and typical of this intensely-creative guy, and the idea stuck in my mind all year.

Lake District

My 2019 wasn’t a big year for landscape photography. Brexit made staying London too interesting, and it was only in October and November that I got up to the Lake District. And it rained.