Best of 2019


Parliament is on my way into central London, just a short number 3 bus ride or an hour’s walk from home, and photographing the Brexit protests became a big part of my 2019. For more pictures, see this page.

Around London

My new habit of daily walks continued, not missing a day all year. I always have a camera, usually the Fuji X-T2, and in such a big city you never know what you are going to encounter, even heavy horses ploughing in the local park.

Extinction Rebellion

I hadn’t planned to spend so much time around the climate protests but during the first week they blocked roads and stopped buses getting into central London. So I had to walk past or through the protest camps. Although later protests were less effective and provoked angry reactions, what seemed remarkable was how the initial wave of XR protesters sought to reach out and persuade. More photos here.


I am still very much into the English Civil War re-enactment scene. I started using off camera flash on a couple of indoor events after I added a pair of Cactus V6 II triggers which let me fire my Nikon flash from a Fuji camera. I still prefer natural light but it’s a very portable setup and seemed to bring out my inner Caravaggio!


In spring a musician friend showed me a picture of a puddle which he’d flipped vertically. It was clever and so typical of this insanely-creative guy, and the idea stuck in my mind all year.

Lake District

2019 wasn’t a big year for my landscape photography. This was for a couple of reasons, including how Brexit made London so interesting, and it was only in October and November that I got up to the Lake District.