Banhegyesy Antal

I’ve not been quite so assiduous in buying Black and White Photography magazine this year. It only seems to be at the bigger WH Smiths in railway stations, and for some reason I’ve not passed through casually or nipped into town to pick up a copy. Or maybe it’s that when I do catch a train home , my iPad means I already have plenty to read and just want to sit down and resume my Nordic noir or that Steve Jobs biog? Anyway, I do still love my b&w and yesterday after enjoying a grown up pint with my nephew (at a great discovery called The Speaker in Westminster) I wandered over to Waterloo station and was glad to see the magazine’s not gone under.

In fact, it was particularly full of great b&w thanks to their BWPOTY (do such acronyms need to be written in full) and my favourite was a series of studio nudes by Banhegyesy Antal. It turns out he’s Hungarian and I very much enjoyed his site – even if there’s only a thumbnail of the picture that really caught my eye (legs in the air, her knickers strung between). Well worth a visit, well worth getting buying Black and White Photography magazine again.