Text content: WordPress

The site’s appearance and text content are managed by WordPress. While its best-known use is for blogging, I’m also using its Pages feature for article-style pages like this and for the photo galleries.

The underlying WordPress theme is a heavily-customised version of SRS’s “Arjuna“. Renamed “Connemara“, my theme adds alternative page layouts, but its biggest customisation is the addition of picture galleries powered by a second content management system, SlideShowPro Director….

Photographs: SlideShowPro Director

SlideShowPro Director is a content management system designed for pictures and video and gives me greater flexibility and provides a slick, fast workflow:

  • Upload hi-res JPEGS to Director – in my case directly from Lightroom
  • Director builds thumbnails and large images
  • Director adds any watermarking and sharpening
  • Alternative Flash, HTML and mobile versions of my site
  • Public and private “contact sheet” galleries
  • Smart albums like New Photos automatically display the latest pictures I’ve uploaded

WordPress – Director integration (nuts and bolts)

The photo galleries, or text+picture pages like this, are all WordPress “pages”. Each page has a custom field value which contains the album code for SlideShowPro Director. The page is displayed using a custom WordPress page template which retrieves that album code (using the get_post_custom_values function) and sends it as a parameter to a PHP include file which calls Director’s API. This adds images to the page, and builds the thumbnail grid with CSS and links to the Lightbox JavaScript. I do love my PHP.