April’s edition of Practical Photoshop doesn’t just include a 6 page tutorial I wrote on using Photoshop’s Mixer Brush – the cover DVD includes a 20 minute video tutorial I recorded to accompany it.

I don’t really think of myself as a graphic artist and my painting skills are best suited to doors and walls, but I’ve always been interested in art and know my Raphaels from my Titians. Sadly I confess I do call most Italian masters by their Italian names, which helps mutual understanding when talking with M and Italian friends but sounds incredibly pretentious in English company. Anyway, this tutorial is a return to the themes of my Fine Art Cookbook in which I showed how photographs can be manipulated in Photoshop to resemble well-known paintings or styles. If only the Mixer Brush and CS5’s amazing Bristle Brushes had been available back then, because they can work together to create stunning oil painting effects. For me it was a pretty good excuse to spend time examining Turners in the National Gallery, and next month’s article on Seurat is almost in the can.

If you do get to see the video, I’d love to know what you think!