It was foggy this morning so when I nipped into central London to buy some photo paper (my new Epson 3880 arrived yesterday…) I took with me the camera, my wide angle lens and the grad filters and hoped I might get a few shots. The centre doesn’t get a lot of fog and I expected it would be gone by the time I got off the train, but London can look lovely when a lot of it is hidden in fog! And stepping out at London Bridge, it was just gorgeous!

So what better way to kick off a new project – 36 Views of The Shard. Hat tip to Hokusai, of course.

There was just one very big problem – I’d forgotten to check I had a flash card in the camera! What an idiot! So there followed half an hour of frantically chasing round looking for somewhere to buy a compact flash card. The Jessops by Cannon Street station? No longer there – they went bust. Jacobs too. WH Smiths and Boots both stocked lots of SD cards and memory sticks. But finally I found one in Maplin and luckily the fog was still swirling around nicely when I got back to the river, and in fact it stayed for a couple of hours more.

After finishing near Tower Bridge, I then walked along the river to Covent Garden for a bit of shopping, then caught the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre and – legs beginning to tire –  I called it a day and headed down to Silverprint to buy the photo paper (Permajet Royal if you’re interested). And what happened? Silverprint had also disappeared*! It was that kind of day. About the only thing that didn’t disappear was the fog.

* Fortunately, I’ve now found out Silverprint is still around, just moved a few streets away.