BBC Scotland’s Classics Unwrapped has a 2 hour interview with the leading classical music photographer Clive Barda – it’s on the iPlayer here [No longer available]. It’s worth hearing for the music alone, which starts with Elgar’s cello concerto performed by Jacquelin duPre (this page) who Clive photographed at the start of his career in the late 1960s, but also includes detail about the peculiar requirements of his work. Every picture has a story….

Clive’s a great friend and I’m sure he won’t mind my adding, for those interested in a bit more on his photographic workflow, it’s currently a pair of IDsMkIII cameras on the heaviest tripods imaginable, roughly 1000 frames 4/5 days a week, all managed and adjusted by himself in Lightroom (he’s a big fan), with the selected two or three dozen finished in Photoshop and, as his average ISO is 1100, in NoiseWare.