I’m not sure if Photoshop.com’s Spotlights is new (via) but it’s a good excuse to link to Carl Warner again as he is one of the featured photographers and is interviewed here about how he creates his wonderful food pictures:

The whole junk was then placed on a large tabletop covered in Pak Choi, which is a Chinese cabbage leaf, and this formed the turbulent waters of the seascape. Once dressed, this set formed the largest part of the image and covered a tabletop of about fifteen feet at the back to four feet at the front and around nine feet deep.

I wanted to capture the feel of that low golden sunlight that breaks through after a storm has passed, so I used a warm tungsten light source with minimum fill in light. For the sky I used kai choi to become the swirling, slightly spooky and mysterious looking cloud formations. The leaves were shot separately to form the second element of the composite, which were assembled later in Photoshop.

Carl Warner’s web site is here.