I don’t know whether to post this on my Lightroom blog, as it’s a bit techy, or here since it’s really not about Lightroom. Also I’ve no idea if people read both sites or if visitors here would pick it up from the Lightroom Solutions feed at the top of the page, or to reveal a nagging doubt about blogging in general, maybe no-one reads either and am I just writing this for my own benefit? Feel free to reassure me. Is anyone there? 😉

Anyway, for my own interest or hopefully for yours too, after seeing something Rory Hill wrote on aspects of Bridge’s scripting being broken since CS6, I dug around a little and thought I should point out this post by Adobe’s Jeffrey Tranbery Photoshop: Spring Cleaning which provides some important information about the future of scripting and automation in Photoshop [CC]:

the following features will be removed from the next revision of Photoshop.

Extension Panels using Flash, including:

  • Mini Bridge
  • Kuler
  • Party Panels [Configurator]
  • Oil Paint filter

The decisions made were based on customer usage as well as the cost and ability to support and maintain changes in underlying technologies.

I always thought Mini Bridge was a waste of effort, so good riddance, but I liked Configurator and thought it was promising – not least because it could be used by people with fewer coding skills than me. However, my need to automate Photoshop is much less than it once was, and multi-image processing is handled much better by Lightroom with the addition of Photoshop droplets on the few occasions when the pictures needed some extra batch processing. So if I ever have the need, I suspect the Adobe Extension Builder and A Short Guide to HTML5 Extensibility will prove more than enough.

I like Kuler as a quick way to build colour schemes, and it’s good that an HTML5 version is coming. As for the Oil Paint filter, I did have a brief and passionate fling with it, but I can’t believe it’s a big loss.